The “Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005“demands that the “Responsible Person” completes a “Suitable and Sufficient” Fire Risk Assessment of non-domestic properties. This would normally be the owner or the employer or could be any other person who has control over any part of the property. e.g. Leaseholder or Manager.

As a Fire Safety Consultancy, Assess Your Fire Risks Ltd will will provide a Fire Risk Assessment Document that will include and explain:

● Identification of the “Responsible Person”.

● Property details. e.g. Construction Materials, Age (Construction Date: if determined), Size, Location, Floors and Use.

● Business type.

● Charts of “Significant Findings” identifying location, Type of Hazard, Risk Rating e.g. HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW, Persons who may be at risk, Action or (Suggested action should a suitable alternative be preferred)

● Summary of “Significant Findings”

● Images of “Hazards” cross referenced with Summary of Significant Findings (and Recommendations).

● Staff Fire Safety Training & Awarness Audit.

● Recommendations.

● Templates for Floor Plan (Line Drawing), Fire log Book, Training, Evacuation and Management Systems (If Required).

● Conclusion.

A Fire Risk Assessment should be periodically reviewed, however, a review becomes necessary whenever any significant change affects it.

Typically, a significant change would be: Alterations to the property, Changes or increasing staffing levels or the Introduction of products/materials and/or processes.

Your Fire Safety Consultant will remain available for any advise or suggestion and answer any query.